Telesales/ Telemarketing Services

Outsourcing telesales / telemarketing services can help your organization augment your existing customer relationships. KEBD, a pioneer in outsourcing, can meet all your telesales / telemarketing requirements. We can increase your revenue by effectively closing sales through our competent inbound/outbound Calls services and by creating sales force leads.

When you outsource telesales / telemarketing services to KEBD, we can provide you with insightful information about the unfulfilled requirements, the level of satisfaction and the needs of your customers. Along with this information, we will also provide your organization with strategic ways to approach your customers’ issues and enhance customer relationships.

Inbound Call center Services

At KEBD, we own over 10 years of experience and expertise in providing inbound Telesales /telemarketing services. When any customer contacts us for inbound telemarketing services, we first analyze and understand our customer’s requirements. After analyzing our customer’s requirements, our inbound telemarketing experts will provide our customer with an ideal inbound telemarketing solution at a competitive price.

Outbound Call center Services

Outbound telesales / telemarketing services at KEBD, makes you get access to 24x7x365 days of professional outbound telesales / telemarketing services. We can efficiently qualify leads, build database lists, evaluate a concurrency of databases and suggest other effective marketing strategies.

We have the experience and the expertise to provide a range of telesales / telemarketing services, which include telesales & telemarketing sales and Lead Generation Services, market research programs, telemarketing Appointment Setting Services, product/service sales, primary research, Money Collection, reminder calls, Event scheduling calls, customer satisfaction surveys and telesales / telemarketing lead generation amongst others.

Why Outsource Call Center Services to KEBD?

1-Expert Call Center Professionals: We have qualified call center professionals who have extensive and relevant expertise in inbound and outbound call handling, generating leads, answering service calls & ensuring customer satisfaction.

2-Competent training programs: We provide efficient and relevant training programs to give our inbound & outbound call center employees a cutting edge, both in terms of linguistic ability to handle calls and process knowledge.

3-Transparency: Our inbound & outbound call center infrastructure and company policies offer complete transparency in operations.

4-100% voice recording: Our 100% voice recording ability enables us to view voice envelopes of customers and agents separately and find exceptions by analyzing data that is tagged with calls

5-  Providing a detailed reporting system that shows and analyzes all figures .

6- Saving over 50% on call center operating costs

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